The difference between CNC lathe and ordinary lathe

November 29,2021

The competition among manufacturing enterprises, if they put aside the technical links, is the product quality and production efficiency. CNC lathes, compared to the general lathe, can significantly improve product quality and production efficiency. But why many enterprises are not willing to use CNC lathe?
CNC lathe relative to the ordinary lathe, in terms of accuracy, efficiency, quality and other aspects of the absolute advantage.
Accuracy advantage
Ordinary lathe by gear and ordinary screw nut transmission. Due to the existence of the gap between the sports, and manual operation is not accurate, so the repeat accuracy is low. The measurement error is larger when the measurement of the common lathe needs manual measurement.
The drive motor drives the ball screw drive by the drive motor of the numerical control lathe. Ball screw through the pre - tension after the installation of the amount of interference, transmission clearance, the accuracy of the machine itself and the program to ensure that. The position of the encoder can be measured through the encoder, which can compensate the error caused by tool wear and other reasons. So the processing quality is good, the precision is stable.
Mass production efficiency advantage
An ordinary lathe requires a skilled operator. Due to the use of manual chuck with three jaws, and must be manual measurement after stopping when measuring, low processing efficiency.
In the premise of mass production, the use of hydraulic chuck or collet for clamping the workpiece, a don't understand any technical workers can operate simultaneously at least two CNC lathe. Production efficiency is more than 4 times the use of ordinary lathe.
Pass rate advantage
The lathe is due to manual operation, human impact is very large, once the body condition of operator is poor or lack of concentration, the product rejection rate will rise sharply.
CNC lathe on the basic equipment to ensure the machining accuracy, the operator only plays the basic role of loading and unloading and switch, man-made little impact, so the product qualified rate is relatively high.
Labor resource advantage
Ordinary lathe operators need skilled workers, the current monthly wage level is 3000 yuan.
CNC lathe any adult can operate, the current monthly wage is 2000 yuan.
At present, there are some disadvantages in the procurement cost and single production cost of CNC lathe.
Procurement costs are higher.
The price of the same standard CNC lathe is 1.5 times higher than that of the ordinary lathe. But the old people as the price decline with CNC system, CNC lathe cost disadvantage will be more and more small.
Single piece processing costs are currently higher
At present, the numerical control lathe is more than the fact that the production cost of the single piece machining of the ordinary lathe must be high. But if through the improvement, the numerical control lathe in the single piece production cost and the efficiency will also be superior to the ordinary lathe