Precision Cnc Milling Machine BL-CAK Series

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BL-CAK Series
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50 unit per month
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Precision Cnc Milling Machine CAK STANDARD Series
■400mm guideway width  ■Spindle bore:52/80/104mm



■Guideway width 400mm, suitable for heavy cutting

■Can choose Independent spindle or 3 class gear spindle

■Can choose 52mm, 80mm,104mm spindle bore

■Bed casted by China best compound resin sand cast iron

■Guideway hardened by ultrasonic frequency, good precision keeping

■Aging treatment,has good vibration absorption and rigidity     

■Guideway stick PTFE,remove creeping,obviously increase precision, wearability and anti-impact force

■Spindle use high precision bearing, Germany KLUBER lipid

■High precision ball screw, connected with motor directly




Item Specification Unit BL-CAK6140 BL-CAK6150 BL-CAK6161 BL-CAK6166 BL-CAK6180
Capacity Guideway width mm 400
Max. swing dia. over bed mm Φ400 Φ500 Φ610 Φ660 Φ800
Max. swing dia. over slide mm Φ210 Φ280 Φ370 Φ400 Φ540
Center distance mm 750/1000/1500/2000/3000
Max. workpiece weight kg 300
Spindle Spindle bore mm Φ52(Opt.:Φ80/Φ104)
Spindle taper / MT6#(spindle bore Φ52);  Φ90 1:20(spindle bore Φ80);   Φ113 1:20(spindle bore Φ104)
Spindle speed rpm Independent spindle:100~1600;3 class gears:21~150,66~500,162~1500
Spindle head type   C6(spindle bore Φ52);D8(spindle bore Φ80,Φ104)
Chuck size / 8’’/10’’
Spindle motor kw 7.5 11
X/Z axes X axes travel mm 250 260 320 340 410
Z axes travel mm 600/850/1350/1850/2850
X/Z axes ball screw O.D. mm 25/50
X/Z axes positioning accuracy mm ±0.015
X/Z axes repositioning accuracy mm ±0.006
X/Z axes rapid rate m/min 4/6
Tool post Tool post type / Vertical 4T/Horizontal 6,8T
Toolshank size mm 25×25
Tailstock Tailstock quill travel mm 150
Tailstock quill dia.   Φ75
Tailstock quill taper / MT5#
Accuracy Turning accuracy / IT6-7
Turning roughness μm Ra1.6
Turning roundness mm 0.005
Turning flatness mm 0.025/300
Others Overall size   mm 2450/2700/3200/3700/4700×1600×1800 2500/2750/3250/3750/4750×1650×1900
Net weight kg 2100/2200/2300/;2700/3500 2200/2300/2400/2800/3600 2250/2400/2600/2850/3650 2300/2450/2650/2900/3700 2400/2550/2750/3000/3800

Main parts list:

Item Brand
Bearing CHINA top-HRB
Spindle Own-made
Ball screw CHINA TOP
Hydraulic parts TAIWAN
Electricity parts FRANCE-SCHNEIDER


Standard configuration:

  • GSK980TC3 controller  
  • Manual chuck
  • 4 station tool post
  • Manual tailstock


Optional configuration:  

  • SIEMENS 808D ADVANCED/FANUC 0I TF controller  
  • Hydraulic chuck   
  • 6/8 station tool turret
  • Hydraulic tailstock  
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