Slant Bed Cnc Lathe Machine BL-H50T TC TY

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Slant Bed Cnc Lathe Machine H STANDARD Series

■TAIWAN technology  ■8''/10''/12'' chuck  ■12T tool turret  ■Hydraulic tailstock



■ Adopt TAIWAN technology, designed by TAIWAN engineer, most parts adopt GERMANY/JAPAN/TAIWAN brand

■ Adopt 30° integral slant bed design

■ X,Z axes adopt 45mm big width linear guideway,super high rigidity

■ Adopt modularization design, easy for various especial configuration choice, such as tool setter etc

■ Adopt MEEHANITE class cast iron, after aging treatment, small distortion, good torsional strength, good heat stability

■ Base adopt multilayer strengthening rib, ensure bed’s strength and stability

■ Adopt high precision integral spindle unit, spindle motor adopt high performance servo motor, big output torque,high speed,wide adjustment range

■ Spindle adopt double line ROLLER type bearing, high rigidity, suitable for heavy cutting

■ Adopt high precision C3 class pre-stretched ball screw(double nuts), coupled with feeding motor directly by linkager,no gap,high transmission rigidity

■ H50T mount 12T hydraulic-servo tool turret

■ H50TC mount C axes and 12T Powered tool turret

■ H50TY mount C axes and 12T Powered tool turret with 90°Y axes



Item Specification Unit BL-H50T BL-H50TC BL-H50TY
Capacity Chuck size / 8''(10'' *,12'' *)
Max. swing dia. over bed mm Φ560
Max. swing dia. over saddle mm Φ300
Max. turning length mm 485(8'' chuck);475(10'' chuck*);440(12'' chuck*) 355(8'' chuck); 450(8'' chuck)
Max. turning dia. mm Φ400 Φ290 Φ330
Standard turning dia. mm Φ200(8'' chuck);Φ250(10'' chuck*);Φ300(12'' chuck*) Φ200(8'' chuck) Φ200(8'' chuck)
Spindle Spindle bore mm Φ66(Φ86*)
Spindle end type / A2-6(A2-8*)
Spindle speed rpm 4000(3500*)
Max. bar through dia. mm 51(74*)
Spindle motor power kw 11(15*)
X/Z axes X/Y/Z axes linear guideway type / BALL type
X/Y/Z axes linear guideway width mm 45/30/45
X/Y/Z axes ball screw O.D. mm Φ32/Φ32/Φ40
X/Y/Z axes ball screw pitch mm 10
X axes travel mm 230 250 220
Y axes travel mm / / 90
Z axes travel mm 610 500 500
X/Z axes rapid moving speed m/min 24/24
Y axes rapid moving speed m/min / / 8
Tool turret Tool turret type / 12T Hydraulic-servo tool turret  12T BMT55 Powered tool turret 12T BMT55 Powered tool turret with Y axes
Toolshank size mm 25×25, Φ40 25×25, Φ32(ER32) 25×25, Φ32(ER32) 
Tailstock Tailstock quill taper / MT4#
Tailstock quill dia./travel mm Φ80/80
Accuracy Positioning accuracy(X/Z) mm 0.008/1000
 Repeat positioning accuracy(X/Z)  mm ≤0.005
  Others Overall size mm 2600×1800×1900
N.W. kg 4000 4100 4200

 *As option


Main parts list:

Item Brand
Spindle unit TAIWAN-ROYAL
Ball screw JAPAN-THK
 Ball screw bearing JAPAN-NSK
Linear guideway JAPAN-THK
Lubrication system TAIWAN-ISHAN
Rotary oil cylinder&chuck TAIWAN-AUTOGRIP
Hydraulic parts TAIWAN/JAPAN
Heat exchanger Joint-venture
Main electricity parts FRANCE-SCHNEIDER


Standard configuration:

  • SIEMENS 808D ADVANCED CNC controller
  • Hydraulic chuck
  • Hydraulic-servo tool turret
  • Hydraulic tailstock 

 Optional configuration:

  • SYNTEC/SIEMENS 828D/FANUC 0i TF CNC controller
  • C axes& powered tool turret
  • Y axes
  • Automatic chip conveyorTool setting probe
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