Cnc Flat Bed Lathe BL-HK80 100

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BL-HK80 100
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50 unit per month
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Cnc Flat Bed Lathe HK PRECISE HEAVY-DUTY Series
■650/755mm guideway width  ■Spindle bore:105/130mm  ■CHINA top quality



■ Adopt China best high strength compound resin sand cast iron

■ Adopt mono-block floor type bed, super high rigidity

■ Aging treatment,has good vibration absorption and rigidity

■ Guideway hardened by ultrasonic frequency and precise ground, good precision keeping

■ Guideway stick PTFE,remove creeping,obviously increase precision, wearability and anti-impact force

■ Adopt 4 class Integral gear box type spindle,big bore,high rigidity,suitable for heavy turning

■ Hydraulic type Automatic class switch



Item Specification Unit BL-HK80 BL-HK100
Capacity Guideway width mm 650 755
Max. swing dia. over bed mm Φ800 Φ1040
Max. swing dia. over slide mm Φ480 Φ650
Max. turning length mm / 1300/2800
Center distance mm 1000/1500/2000/3000/4000 1500/3000
Spindle Spindle bore mm Φ105 Φ130
Spindle head type / A1-11 A2-15
Spindle speed rpm 20~1000(4 class, hydraulic automatic class switch, stepless speed in every class) Ⅰ 20~204,Ⅱ 39~354,Ⅲ 71~642,Ⅳ 124~1000 3.5~500(4 class, hydraulic automatic class switch, stepless speed in every class)  Ⅰ 3.5~160,Ⅱ 5~233,Ⅲ 7~345,Ⅳ 11~500
Spindle motor kw 15(servo) 22(servo)
Chuck size mm Φ315(Manual 3-jaw chuck) Φ630(Manual 3-jaw chuck)
X/Z axes X axes travel mm 430 520
Z axes travel mm 760/1350/1850/2850/3850 1300/2800
X/Z axes rapid speed m/min 6/7 3/6
X axes ball screw O.D./pitch mm Φ40/5 Φ40/6
Z axes ball screw O.D./pitch mm Φ50/8(1000,1500),Φ63/8(2000,3000),Φ63/10(4000) Φ63/10
Tool post  Tool turret type / Vertical 4 station electric tool turret Vertical 4 station electric tool turret
Tool shank size mm 32×32 40×40
Tailstock Tailstock quill dia. mm Φ100(1000,1500,2000,3000), Φ140(4000) Φ160
Tailstock quill travel mm 250(1000,1500,2000,3000), 200(4000) 300
Tailstock quill taper / MT5#(1000,1500,2000,3000), MT6#(4000) MT6#
Accuracy X/Z axes positioning accuracy mm 0.026/0.036(1000),0.040(1500,2000),0.048(3000),0.056(4000) 0.040/0.050(1500),0.060(3000)
X/Z axes repeatability positioning accuracy mm 0.007/0.011(1000),0.014(1500, 2000),0.020(3000,4000) 0.011/0.018(1500),0.025(3000)
Turning workpiece roundness mm 0.004 0.01
Others Total power KVA 40 40
N.W. kg 7200/8000/8600/9600/11000 10500/12500
Overall size(L×W×H) mm 4280×2200×1900 (1000)   4880×2200×1900 (1500)   5800×2260×1900 (2000)   6850×2260×1900 (3000)  7700×2350×1900 (4000) 4640×2300×2100(1500)   6150×2650×2290(3000)

* The marked accuracy just follows CHINA national standard GB/T 25659.1, actual accuracy is much higher


Main parts list:

Item Brand
Spindle bearing CHINA top
Ball screw bearing CHINA top
Ball screw CHINA top
Lubrication pump JAPAN-LUBE


Standard configuration:

  • FANUC 0i TFCNC Controller
  • Manual3-jaw chuck
  • 4 station tool post
  • Manual Tailstock


Optional configuration:

  • SIEMENS 808D/GSK980TDi
  • Steady rest
  • Follow rest  
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