Heavy Duty Conventional Lathe BL-HL-B40 50 66 80

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BL-HL-B40 50 66 80
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50 unit per month
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■390mm guideway width  ■CHINA top quality



● Guideway width 390mm 
● Adopt high strength cast iron,after repeated aging treatment
● Guideway is hardened by ultrasonic frequency and precise grinding
● Headstock is after precise machining, spindle and gears are hardened by ultrasonic frequency and precise grinding
● Guideway adopt scrapping and stick TF material 
● Wide speed range, can directly turn metric or inch thread
● Can mount Gap



Item Unit BL-HL-B40 BL-HL-B50 BL-HL-B66 BL-HL-B80
Capacity Guideway width mm 390
Max. swing dia. over bed mm Φ400 Φ500 Φ660 Φ800
Max. swing dia. over cross slide mm Φ220 Φ300 Φ420 Φ560
Max.swing dia. over gap mm Φ630 Φ710 Φ870 Φ1000
Max.effective length in gap mm 240
Center distance mm 750/1000/1500/2000/3000 2000/3000
Max. turning length mm 700/950/1450/1950/2950 1950/2950
Max. Feeding force Nm 3500
Spindle Spindle bore mm Φ52(Opt.:Φ82,Φ105) Φ82(Opt.:Φ105)
Spindle hole taper / MT6#(Φ52mm bore),Φ90 1:20(Φ82mm bore),Φ113 1:20(Φ105mm bore)
Spindle nose / ISO 702/III NO.6(Φ52mm bore),ISO 702/II NO.8(Φ82,105mm bore) ISO 702/III NO.6(Φ82mm bore),ISO702/II NO.8(105mm bore)
Spindle speed range rpm 9~1600(24 steps,for Φ52,82mm bore),36~1600(12steps, for Φ105mm bore) 8~1400(24 steps,for Φ82mm bore),30~1400(12steps, for Φ105mm bore)
Spindle max. output torque Nm 1400 1400 1200 /
 Feeding Longitudinal rapid moving speed m/min 50hz:4.5,60hz:5.4
Cross rapid moving speed m/min 50hz:1.9,60hz:2.3
Longitudinal basical feeding mm/r 0.063~2.52(65kinds) 
0.028~6.43(93 kinds)(for 82mm bore); 
0.063~2.52(65kinds)(for 105mm bore)
Longitudinal reduce feeding mm/r     0.028~0.056(13 kinds)
Longitudinal enlarge feeding mm/r 2.86~6.43(15 kinds)
Cross basical feeding mm/r 0.027~1.07(65 kinds)
0.012~2.73(93 kinds)(for 82mm bore);
0.027~1.07(65 kinds)(for 105mm bore)
Cross reduce feeding mm/r 0.012~0.026(13 kinds)
Cross enlarge feeding mm/r 1.21~2.73(15 kinds)
Tool post Upper tool post travel mm 145
Lower tool post travel mm 320 320 310 320
Tool qty / 4
Toolshank size mm 25×25
Distance from spindle center to tool support face mm 28
Max rotary angle scale of square tool post / ±90°
Thread Metric thread mm 0.5~224(48kinds)(for Φ52,82mm bore),1~14(22kinds)(for Φ105mm bore)
Inch thread TPI 72~1/8(46kinds)(for Φ52,82mm bore),28~2(25kinds)(for Φ105mm bore)
Module thread M.P. 0.5~112(42kinds)(for Φ52,82mm bore),0.5~7(18kinds)(for Φ105mm bore)
Diametrical pitch thread D.P. 56~1/4(45kinds)(for Φ52,82mm bore),56~4(24kinds)(for Φ105mm bore)
Tailstock Travel of tailstock quill mm 150
Dia. of tailstock quill mm Φ75 Φ90
Taper of tailstock quill / MT5#
Tailstock cross movement mm ±15
   Spindle motor power/speed  / 7.5kw, 1450r/min(50Hz);1750r/min(60Hz)
 Motor    Rapid movement motor power / 0.3kw,1360r/min(50Hz), 1750r/min(60Hz)
   Coolant motor power kw 0.15
Others Coolant pump flow L/min 25
Weight kg 1975/2050/2250/ 2050/2100/2300/ 2150/2200/2400/ 3300/3700
2450/2850 2500/2900 2600/3000
Machine length mm 2380/2630/3130/3630/4630 3365/4365
Machine width×height mm 975×1230 975×1270 975×1350 1340×1490
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