Cnc Drilling And Tapping Machine BL-S450 550 640 850

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BL-S450 550 640 850
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50 unit per month
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Cnc Drilling And Tapping Machine

■8T PATENT Hign speed ATC 


■PATENT design high speed& high rigidity TURRET type tool changer
■Super FAST tool changing(HIGH EFFICIENCY)
■Especially suitable for STEEL, CASTING etc hard material BIG hole’s DRILLING and TAPPING etc RIGID MACHINING
■Especially suitable for multiple operation’s combination, batch and high efficiency production
■Machining efficiency is higher than CNC Milling Machine, Rigidity is higher than traditional CNC drilling& tapping center
■Tool changer driven by servo motor(HIGH PRECISION), lock by hydraulic(HIGH RIGIDITY)
■Adopt HT300 class cast iron
■3 axes adopt wide linear guideway, high rigidity

■3 axes adopt big pre-stretched ball screw


Comparison with common tool magazine of cnc machining center

Our 8T tool magazine Tool magazine of cnc machining center
Simple structure, good stability Complex structure,high failure rate
Tool changing speed <1.2s Tool changing speed >3s
Can change tool at random height Have to change tool at required height
Tool never drop Sometimes tool drop
No pull studs Pull studs easy wear
Spindle not wear Spindle easy wear
Tool holder will not block Tool holder usually block
Good precision stability Easy stick chips in spindle,difficult to keep stability
Tool qty max. 8T Can be 16-24T
Max. speed only 6000rpm Can be 6000-12000rpm
Tool holder not compatible Tool holder is compatible
Tools has big interference Small interference



Item Specification Unit BL-S450 BL-S550 BL-S640 BL-S850
Capacity Max. drilling dia.(U driller) mm Φ20 Φ22 Φ24 Φ30
Max. tapping dia.(standard/optional) mm M12/M16 M14/M24 M16/M27 M16/M33
Worktable Table size((L×W) mm 550×320 600×350 650×380 1000×500
T slot(NO./width/distance) mm 3/14/92 3/14/92 3/14/114 5/18/90
Table max. loading kg 180 230 300 600
Spindle Spindle motor power kw 3.7/5.5 5.5/7.5 5.5/7.5 7.5/11
Spindle type / Own-made(ER32) Own-made(ER32) Own-made(ER40) Own-made(ER40)
Spindle speed range rpm 6000
Distance from spindle nose to table face mm 130~460 80~520 105~505 100~600
X/Y/Z axes X/Y/Z axes travel mm 435/280/330 550/350/440 600/390/400 800/500/500
X/Y/Z axes rapid moving speed m/min 32
X/Y/Z axes positioning accuracy mm ±0.008/300
X/Y/Z axes repeatable positioning accuracy mm 0.005
XY/Z axes linear guideway width mm 30/30/35 30/30/35 35/35/35 35/35/35(ROLLER type)
Tool magazine Tool magazine type / Patent designed turret type
Tool changing time s 1.2 1.2 1.5 1.5
Tools qty pc 8
Max. tool dia. mm Φ63 Φ63 Φ80 Φ80
Others Overall dimension(L×W×H) mm 1400×1500×2300 1580×1800×2100 2000×1650×2400 2400×1700×2100
Weight kg 1850 2000 2500 4500
Main parts list:
Item Brand
Ball screw TAIWAN-SHAC/PMI/HIWIN C3 class
Linear guideway TAIWAN-PMI/HIWIN H class
Ball screw bearing CHINA top-HRB P4 class
Spindle Own-made
Spindle bearing CHINA Top-HRB
Tool magazine belt wheel& belt USA-GATES
Tool magazine bearing JAPAN-NSK
Main electric parts FRANCE-SCHNEIDER
Lubrication pump   Joint-venture
Standard configuration:
●SYNTEC 6MD CNC controller

Optional configuration:
●SYNTEC 22MA/FANUC 0I MF CNC controller
●4th axes
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